Thuja is in the press : “New Revelstoke company, Thuja, helps fight greenwashing”

At Thuja, we want to change things at a large scale. But to achieve that, we need to start at community level. That’s why we’re getting involved to change things in our local mountain town.
Read more about our vision, and how we are planning to tackle change in our community, in this article by the Revelstoke mountaineer.

“New Revelstoke company, Thuja, is an online platform where users can shop verified sustainable companies and save money. Thuja gives brands an overall sustainability score based on the company’s products, ecological and climate impact, social justice practices, and third-party verifications. The business founders want to make incorporating sustainability into everyday life easier.”

Business profile: New Revelstoke company, Thuja, helps fight greenwashing

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What a pleasure and excitement to be part of a new adventure at Thuja Sustainability🌲 A year ago, with Jenise Lamoureux, we realized that besides most people caring a lot about nature and sustainability in our local mountain town, it was hard for people to translate this into making the right choice for buying goods and clothing.

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