Stay Revy

An accomodation buisness that is commited to minimizing or diverting wast to the landfill, source locally, and choose carbon-neutral services

Stay Revy is a proud member of Forage & Fill’s Sustainable & Circular Accommodation Program! This program successfully diverts the plastic waste that we would produce from our Consumables (such as provided toiletries and cleaning supplies) from the landfill and allows those containers to be re-used and returned to us for use in our properties. Ultimately, we are committed to minimizing or diverting waste from the Revelstoke landfill. As such, we provide large recycling bins in each property, and give clear directions to our guests on how to recycle their waste according to municipal guidelines. As a local property management company, we do our best to source our purchases in Revelstoke as much as we possibly can. For any online orders that we place, we choose carbon-neutral delivery services (like Canada Post) wherever possible.


Where to find them or buy their products

We operate Short-Term Vacation Rentals all over town!

Other Brands

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Sol Mountain Lodge

off-grid backcountry lodge that is primarily powered by micro hydro and solar systems and aims to support local suppliers

Holm Coffee Company

Small-scale coffee roastery that prioritizes waste reduction and sustainable production.

Big Eddy Glass Works

Local glass blowing buisness that has designed an innovative waste reductive program.

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