La Baguette

Local restaurant and cafe that aims to reduce waste, prioritize local supplies and organic products and uphold sustainable and circular products.

From homemade croutons made of unsold bread to soup and jams made with repurpose veggies and fruits from our sister grocery business, we try our best to limit food waste and repurpose some food. Also, we compost our organic waste that is then used at our small-scale personal farm. In summer, we use that farm to grow some herbs and vegetables that we serve on our menu. We feed our chickens with some bread waste we were unable to turn into something else. We prioritize local suppliers and organic products when we can. In addition, we are trying to find more durable solutions for to-go containers and we’re hoping to side with other local businesses to tackle that issue. All these initiatives and many more are part of our global approach to make our restaurant more sustainable and circular every season.


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