Big Eddy Glass Works

Local glass blowing buisness that has designed an innovative waste reductive program.

Traditionally, glass blowing is not a very eco friendly medium, requiring fuel to maintain our equipment’s heat. Knowing this, we outfitted our shop with electric powered furnaces and annealers to reduce the amount of propane being used in our production. We also started multiple programs to bring life to our non-recyclable glass waste. Any glass that has colour on it, we tumble to make a “sea glass” like product that can be used in gardening, mosaics, crafts, and fish tanks. If the glass is clear, we sort it back into our production to be melted again, and any colour shards are put into a special mix to be made into cups once more! We know that the battle to be more sustainable is just beginning, but our focus on reducing waste in our creative process has been very successful and we have even shared these practices with other glassmakers all over North America!


Address 1741 Celgar Road, Revelstoke, BC
Where to find them or buy their products

At our store in the Big Eddy.

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